Want to become Twitter verified? There’s an application process for that


Looking to become Twitter verified? In case you weren’t aware, the process before was a bit of a mess and quite a hit-or-miss experience.

Twitter has likely known about this all along.

That’s why they announced today that there’s now an application process for verified accounts. This process, as the company explains, will “allow people to identify key individuals and organizations on Twitter as authentic.” They will be denoted by the blue badge icon that is displayed to the right of their usernames.

For Twitter, that authenticity corresponds to companies of public interest: organizations in TV, film, fashion, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, government and other areas of key interest. The overall objective is to ensure that Twitter users know the high-quality influencer accounts to follow.

The verification process is simple and requires a logged-in account to visit the verification page to access the application. Many will likely see a “check back soon” screen as Twitter works to roll out the functionality to all users regardless of location, but in time, they can submit their application and hope for the best.

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