Twitter’s app install ads go native inside its ad network


Twitter is sprucing up the look at advertisers’ mobile app install ads within its in-app ad network.

On Thursday Twitter announced that mobile app advertisers can have their app install ads be automatically converted to appear natively within the apps in the Twitter Audience Platform, which the company claims reaches 800 million people across “thousands” of apps.

To syndicate an app install campaign as a native ad across Twitter’s ad network, a mobile app advertiser just needs to check a box labeled “native” when setting up the campaign on the Twitter Audience Platform. From there Twitter’s technology will take the ad’s individual assets, like its text, images and app-store links, and reassemble them, color-by-numbers style, within a template that will make them appear more like normal content within a mobile app, such as a post in an article feed or a listing in a list of places to check out.

Twitter claimed that, in testing, native app install ads received 56% higher click-to-install rates than app install ads that appeared as traditional banner ads and interstitials, which until now were the only ways an app install ad from Twitter could appear in its ad network.

For now mobile app engagement ads, which are designed to get someone who has already installed an app to use it, cannot be converted into native ads across Twitter’s ad network.

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