Tumblr is releasing ads across blogs & giving users a cut


Tomorrow, Tumblr will be releasing ads across its network of Tumblrs. The good news for publishers? They’ll be getting a slice of the pie.

In a post on “Staff,” the official Tumblr blog, the soon-to-be-Verizon-owned network announced that ads will be shown across the blog network. Another piece of good news is that publishers don’t have to participate. On-blog ads can be disabled by heading to the settings if users choose to disable the feature (while also disabling potential profits).

Just how much will Tumblr users make from their blogs? No firm details have been released. In the post, Tumblr stated that they are “still working out the details of the partner program, but as soon as we have details to share, we’ll make announcements.” Earlier this month it was reported that Tumblr was selling ads across Facebook’s network; this tweak should give Tumblr some much-needed inventory.

The revenue share model is a smart move by Tumblr, as the audience is an artsy/quirky bunch that would likely be opposed to corporate greed… unless they get a taste, of course. The additional option to opt out is also a gesture of goodwill for users who are anti-ad to the core. Previous ways to make money on Tumblr included paid user-generated content gigs through the Creatrs program. This new ad push is a much more passive format for monetization.

For more information, see the post on Tumblr’s official blog – Staff.

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