Snapchat adds 14 ‘Creative Partners’ to help brands produce Snap Ads, post-swipe experiences


Snapchat is tripling the number of companies it has certified as official “Creative Partners.”

After introducing its Creative Partner program in January 2017 with seven companies validated as Snapchat ad-creation specialists, Snapchat has added 14 more firms to the list. The expansion, announced Wednesday, also broadens the scope of the program’s capabilities to better serve direct-response advertisers.

Originally, the program centered on companies like Celtra, Percolate and VidMob that provide tools to help brands produce vertical video Snap Ads that appear between people’s Stories, within Snapchat’s Shows and Live Stories and on publishers’ Discover channels. But over the past year, Snapchat has been trying to augment those so-called “Top Snaps” with content that appears after people swipe up on an ad, such as shoppable microsites, interactive games and 360-degree videos built on Snap Ads’ Web View attachment option. In response to this push, the Creative Partner program now includes companies that specialize in technologies for producing these post-swipe experiences.

The 14 new Creative Partners by offering are:

Web Views
Ceros, Famous and Undertone offer tools for brands to create app-like mobile web pages.

Web View videos
Entrypoint and Wirewax provide technology for brands to distribute interactive and 360-degree videos through a web-based video player.

Web View games
CrossInstall, GameCommerce and TreSensa have built tools that can be used to produce web-based interactive games.

Mobile coupons
Brands can use Popwallet and Slyce to create and measure coupons that can be distributed through a mobile app and redeemed in a brick-and-mortar store.

Lead generation forms
Jebbit works with advertisers to design mobile-specific lead generation forms and track submissions.

Sensory experiences
Adludio develops campaigns that use a phone’s sensors, such as vibrations and gyroscopes, to create experiences that people can see, hear and feel.

Snap Ads
Flyr and Whalar specialize in the creation of ads’ Top Snaps. Flyr offers video-editing tools, while Whalar operates a platform for brands to find influencers to star in their campaigns.

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