Snap starts selling Spectacles, accessories online ahead of IPO


If Snap’s Spectacles were more than a marketing ploy to exhibit how hyped people are on Snapchat, then Snapchat’s parent company needs to make them more widely available. And now it is.

Snap has begun selling Spectacles online at The glasses cost the same $130 as they did for people lining up at the pop-up Snapbots Snap had placed randomly around the country or the brick-and-mortar store Snap erected in New York City for the holidays. But now instead of people paying extra with their time to stand in line, they can pay extra for shipping and handling.

As a bonus for people who have already bought Spectacles and need an extra charging case or lost their charging cable, Snap is also selling these two Spectacles accessories online.

Snap’s Spectacles have been a successful, if fading, marketing spectacle, but they have not become a successful revenue stream. The company’s first hardware product didn’t bring in “significant revenue,” Snap revealed earlier this month in its regulatory filing to go public.

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