IMWS Marketing Fanpage Management Service

You might be asking WHY do you need Facebook Marketing?

Here are some reasons why you need to Facebook Marketing for your business:

  • Increase Exposure to potential customers: Facebook has billions of users. With that said, you might already know the answer why?
  • Reach Targeted Audience: It is not enough to reach billions of audiences, it is about how targeted our audience is? Through Facebook, you can be able to reach and target specific audience (potential customers) according to your brand, niche or business.
  • Increase your web traffic: If you have a website, Facebook is one of the greatest and fastest source of website traffic.
  • And many more…

Now that you have learned how Facebook Marketing can help you build or reach more customers, you might be interested in creating a Facebook Fanpage for your business. But not all entrepreneurs knew this or just don’t have much time to do this task.

We at IMWS Marketing is here for you to help you build your online presence specially on Facebook.

We will create a professional looking Facebook Fanpage for your Business containing the following:

  1. Professional looking Facebook cover for your business fanpage.
  2. Complete Details of your business (ie contact, details, location etc)
  3. Will post at least 5 relevant images/post to your fanpage
  4. (Additional Offer) We will manage your fanpage. We will do all the posting and you will only need to deliver your goods/services to your customers that we will get through your business fanpage.
  5. We will advertise to targeted potential customers daily depending on your budget.
  6. Any other customized order as you require.

To begin with your order, please contact us and we will be glad to be of service.
You may email us at or through our contact us page.