LinkedIn updates Sales Navigator


Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is out this week with its second major update to its Sales Navigator tool, which helps salespeople mine the data-rich professional social network.

There’s now a new Enterprise Edition, complementing the existing Professional Edition for individuals and Team Edition for groups of salespeople. Enterprise increases InMails and introduces Single Sign-On.

InMails are in-network messages, which are unlimited as long as the recipients respond. The Enterprise version increases the monthly allotment of InMails that do not get responses from 30 to 50.

A new TeamLink Extend in Enterprise lets anyone in a subscribing organization offer their LinkedIn network to that organization’s pool, which can help someone who’s looking for an introduction to a possible customer.

PointDrive, acquired last year by LinkedIn, is now integrated into the Team and Enterprise Editions at no extra charge. Instead of adding a series of email attachments like slide shows or PDFs when reaching out to a lead, a salesperson simply sends a link to a customized web page that she has generated in PointDrive.

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