How Valassis used bots on Facebook Messenger to drive offlline auto sales


Bots are often discussed as a kind of magic solution for marketers: scalable, customizable and attractive to millennials. Some of that is accurate, but as always, there’s a more complex story beyond the hype. There’s also the very real risk of poor execution.

A recent case study from Valassis is valuable for insight into what an intelligent use of bots looks like. Chatbots (on Facebook Messenger) were integrated into a larger automotive lead-generation campaign that involved careful targeting of prospects and human follow-up.

Valassis worked with Feldman Automotive Group in Detroit, Michigan, to drive leads and sales offline to local auto dealers. Valassis and a partner built a chatbot on Facebook Messenger for Feldman to help qualify leads.

Prospects were exposed to targeted Facebook ads in the News Feed. Audience members were in-market automotive shoppers. The audience was further qualified using location targeting: car shoppers within a specified radius of Feldman dealership locations.

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