Facebook video metrics get granular with demographic, share & live engagement data


It’s no secret that video has been the darling of Facebook over the past few years. In 2016, Facebook has been scrambling to support this thriving medium with additional reporting. In February, a new interface and data points were rolled out. Then in March, more metrics, including day-by-day data, were unleashed. This week, Facebook has added in demographic, geographic, live engagements and share/cross-posting data. All of the new data is exportable and accessible via the Insights API.


Audience demographics

Now Facebook marketers will have the ability to break down video data based on the following categories:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Top Geographic Locations

This data can be found in the new “Audience Engagement” card within Video Insights and is available for all video types including Live and 360 video.


Live Video Engagement

Facebook Live may turn out to be the Social MVP of 2016, and Facebook addressed it in this new update. Now, live video will have the ability to track and report on viewer engagements that occurred throughout the video. These new metrics are exclusive to Live video and will show the various reactions by type throughout the video. Each reaction type can be isolated to show a particular sentiment at any point in the duration of the video.


Shared & cross-posted video data

A daunting task that has plagued marketers has been investigating what was successful in view generation. The demographic metrics will help, but a new metric of “page owned” vs. “shared” data will help to provide clarity on where the views came from. Now, marketers can figure out if they drove views or if others spread the word (and spread the views). This should be a boon for those with highly shareable content and can be used in content testing/content creation/content themes.

For more information, see the official release from Facebook, or hop into your Video Insights to see the upgrade metrics.

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